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Blog Your Voice is Needed

Your Voice is Needed


Someone needs to hear what you have to say.

“I needed to hear this. Thank you.”

A comment that moves me to tears and reminds me why I share.

Your voice matters. Your voice makes a difference.

When you feel called to speak, to write, to share…. listen to that call.

Someone somewhere needs to hear it.

Sometimes you’ll hear that feedback and gratitude, sometimes you’ll think no one noticed your words and wonder why you sent them out into the air.

You’re not always going to know. You have to trust. Trust that voice within.

Your voice, your message, your story… YOU are needed.

When I wrote my book I had to answer “What is success for me with this book?”

For me, that was if it touched one life it was worth it, it was successful.

I knew I may never know. I had to trust my inner calling.

Sometimes you’ll be cheered. Sometimes you’ll be booed. Sometimes you’ll receive silence.

Beyond all that is the one person who needed to hear what you had to say.

Your words may have offered them peace, connection, understanding, inspiration, courage…

Your words make a ripple you may never know, but it’s transforming hearts, it’s transforming the world.

Someone needs to hear what you have to say.

Say it.

The world needs who You are.

Be You. Be Seen. Make Your Impact.

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