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I help you tune in to your soul so that you can confidently live your authentic expression.

SEA Soundscape Meditation Experiences

Embark on an inner ocean journey through the power of sound.

With a deep love for the sea, you will find that Bobbie Jo creates an ocean vibe and beach-like experience wherever she goes.

Not only with the way she sets her stage, but also with the energy her sound baths carry.

Each crystal bowl holds the energy of a chakra seashell, allowing the song of the sea to flow through with its healing energy. 

Her Atlantis gong carries tones with ocean depth, creating many songs offering tales from the sea. Her whale drum calls in the wisdom keepers of the deep, and her shell ocarina creates songs as light as the foam on the water. 

These are just a few of the sacred sea singing instruments you may experience at her events. 

Many of Bobbie Jo's themes are also connected to the water, and the life therein.

Allow yourself to sit back, close your eyes, and envision yourself on a beautiful tropical isle, or swimming amidst a coral reef, or floating freely in the bay, and let all stress simply float away...

It truly is a miles-away meditation experience.

"SEA" in Sea Soundscape not only stands for the essence of her events, it also stands for "Soul Energy Alignment" as Bobbie Jo holds the intention, energy and space for you to embody all that you are and all that you came here to be.

Align & Shine! The world needs who YOU are.

Meet Love, Bobbie Jo

Love, Bobbie Jo is a Certified BodyMind Coach, Author, Sound Bath Facilitator, Meditation Guide and Transformational Speaker. 

She believes that the world needs who YOU are. After decades of losing herself in all life’s should’s and expectations, Bobbie Jo tossed the societal script and reconnected to her personal truth –– transforming her life.

Now, she guides others to connect with their inner wisdom, align with their soul, and to shine and be all of who they came here to be.

Clients working with Bobbie Jo discover:

  • a deeper sense of connection
  • clarity of purpose
  • confidence in self-expression
  • courage to create the life and business they truly desire

Are you ready to align & shine?

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