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Winds of Change



How are you with change?

Are you open to it? Excited for it? Or do you dread it?

I am one that is usually open to change. Many times I think of life like a great adventure, and become curious where it’s guiding me.

Then there are times when some of the changes feel so unfair, the reality of them knock the wind out of your sails, and you realize how brief and swift this adventure can be.

There are times in life when the changes may seem many, all at once. Some like an adventure, and some you’re not ready for, simultaneously blowing in at the same time.

These are the times all the “tools” come into play. Honoring the emotions. Trusting the journey. Being present in the moment. Allowing yourself to pause. Being with what is…

Sometimes the winds will take our sails on great adventures! Flying us across the sea with the wind in our hair and a smile on our face.

Sometimes those winds will blow in so strong, our sail will knock over, and we have to hoist it back up to go again.

Sometimes the wind will shift, and the destination we were sailing for, will become somewhere new.

And sometimes the wind will stop blowing, and our ship will pause in the middle of the great blue sea… where we get to sit, pause and be.

Wherever these winds of change take you in life, may you always know you are not alone, that this too shall pass, and to embrace the “change” you are in, for one day– you may wish to be back on your boat in exactly that place for just a moment longer…

The only constant is change, and it is changing constantly. Find your inner compass to navigate any change, and you will always be guided on this brief and beautiful journey.

Wishing you oceans of love in your oceans of change.

Love, Bobbie Jo

P.S. Would you love some support in finding and connecting with your inner compass to help you navigate change? Message me to discover more.

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