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Blog What thermostat do you follow?

What thermostat do you follow?


Do you listen to your body? To how you are feeling? Do you make choices based on your own inner wisdom?

Or do you look outside yourself? Do you follow the guidance of someone or something outside of you? Do you give your power to another source? Do you follow system measurements versus your own internal system?

This time of year we crank up the wood stove.

A comfortable temperature in our house is usually around 75. At 78 we know it’s plenty warm and stop feeding the fire.

The other day, it felt 78.

I asked my husband if I should just let the fire go out, since we both agreed it felt plenty warm in the house.

He had me go check the thermostat first, to see what the temperature actually was.

70. It was only 70.

Typically it feels cool in our home when the thermostat reads 70. Not today. The sun was shining in and it felt sweltering.

Yet, according to the "thermostat’ our bodies were wrong. So, the fire continued to get fed.

Later that night the fan needed to be put on, and blankets removed to be able to sleep comfortably.

The following night–it felt cool. We didn’t have a fire all day. I grabbed a blanket for the couch, and checked the thermostat.


Moral of the story–while the "outside source" told me it was 70, my body was also telling me what IT felt. What it needed. In that moment.

The time I gave the power to the thermostat and continued to feed the fire, regardless of my overheating, I continued to needlessly sweat.

The outer measurements aren’t always accurate for our INTERNAL needs.

Whether that outside source be a thermostat, a "should,", advice, and so on…. your inner wisdom knows what is aligned–for you–in that moment.

So how about you? Are you good at tuning in and listening? Do you take the path less traveled that you’re called to take, even though all signs point the other way?

This is something I LOVE supporting you in–tuning in to your inner wisdom, finding your next right step, your aligned choice, honoring what is right and true for YOU.

I am offering something special. I’m opening a few spaces for you to experience my unique "SEA Harmony" service.

This is a custom session for you to align and activate the wisdom within you.

These sessions are normally $222. I am offering $70 off for the month of December. I know this is a busy month, so I am creating space where you only need to purchase in December to receive the special, and then book it to be used within the next three months (December, January, February).

Are you ready to close out the year, or start 2024 with greater peace, purpose, and activating your potential?

Purchase your special SEA Harmony session here. Use coupon code SAVE70.

Remember, your body knows!! Listen to its wisdom.

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed day!!

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