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Blog What does your body need right now?

What does your body need right now?


I was on a roll...

Every Wednesday for six weeks straight, I showed up. I went live for "Unscripted." I let it be messy. I let it flow. However, last week, I didn't show.

Why? My body needed rest. I hadn't been feeling well, and I needed a pause to heal.

Could I have pushed through? Probably. I even thought about it. But, what I teach, "honoring your inner wisdom..." is what I must live. And in that moment, that honoring was rest.

How about you? What does your body need? Can you hear its requests? Do you honor them?

It can be easy in this world to not listen. To not listen to those times we need to rest, and to just push through. To not listen to those nudges to do something, or not do something, and continue going through the motions. The list goes on... 

What voice do you give value to?

Along with the physical healing I was pausing for, a rush of grief washed over me. That healing process is ongoing. I admit, it is one that at times I want to push through, because it is hard and painful. Yet, what we resist, persists.

It is important to sacredly honor yourself, exactly where you are. To allow whatever is washing over, to wash over. To honor the grief. To nourish the body to health. To love yourself exactly how you need.

I invite you to pause... right now... and feel within. To take a moment of stillness, and listen. What does your body request? 

May you sacredly honor yourself. After all, it is the month of Love. Let this be your first Valentine to you.

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