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Blog Time for a new path?

Time for a new path?


Perhaps it’s time to take a new path?

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Its spring and the ground is soggy…. downright muddy in places.

The other day when walking our dog, my boots got coated in mud. So much so that each step I took became heavier and heavier.

They required a bit cleaning once we got back home.

Today when we went out again, I was dreading the mud accumulation.

As I walked the path’s edge trying my best to avoid it, suddenly I felt taking more steps up the hill and away from the path.

I realized, I could take that way– to go through the hills and woods, rather than to stay on our usual path.

We took a new way, and as we walked I reflected upon and became curious, “How often do we stay on a path, because it’s what we know?”

Regardless of how muddy and inconvenient it becomes, we still continue. Even if our boots get muddy, and the steps are no longer light and enjoyable, but light and heavy. And when we arrive home, we no longer get to come straight in, we now have to pause and do a lot of extra clean up?

When if we simply opened our eyes to the other available paths around us, we could see the other potential ways to go…

So I invite you to reflect, is there something that is starting to feel heavy? Are you doing things simply because that’s the way you’ve always done them? Because that’s where the path leads? Where the trail has been worn?

What potential paths could you be missing?

Look around you. Look within you. Open yourself to the possibilities There is more than one path. It may not appear as obvious, but it is there.

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