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Slow and Intentional


How do you move throughout your day?

Are you aware?

Are you present for each breath, and every step you take?

It can be so easy to be a few steps ahead of ourselves.

Our minds can be quite active and onto the next thing before we complete what we are actually doing in the present.

This is one of the lessons my sound journey has made me very aware of.

Quality instruments are not cheap. Crystal bowls can easily break.

One day, I gently tossed my Tingsha bells into my sound circle.

They didn’t quite land how I had hoped, and dinged against my crystal mallet, causing it to crack and break.


I felt like that Bounty commercial, where the spill happens in slow motion, yet in this case, I wasn’t able to “wipe it up” in time.

After my upset and tears, I pulled myself together and found my glue.

“Slow and Intentional.”

That was the message, and the phrase I now repeat–both when I am around my instruments, and throughout my day.

I need to be aware my pants do not catch on the bowls when I step over them. I need to be aware of the proximity of all instruments at all times, and how I transition between them.

Slow and Intentional is how I move through my sound bath events, my personal sessions, and my life.

If I find myself a few steps ahead, there’s usually a gentle reminder that brings me back. I am aware that if I get too far ahead, the cost could be great–not only in “instruments.”

Right now, with the full moons and eclipses, this lesson has been greatly highlighted.


Am I making the choices that align with my path? Am I taking things one at a time and allowing myself to breathe? Am I staying present? Am I pausing and resting when I need?

How about you? Do you feel you are a few steps ahead? Or are you able to remain slow and intentional? Please comment below and share.

Let this be a gentle reminder, and full permission, for you to be slow…. and intentional. To pause. To rest. To reconnect within.

Wishing you a blessed and aligned full moon weekend!!

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