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Blog Rest or Resistance

Rest or Resistance


Here I go again… 

Diving into my passion, another creative project. It’s there, and the words are flowing.

Then, all of a sudden I pause.

I need more coffee. A snack perhaps. Shall I change the laundry?

A scene so familiar I know to sit with it and ask, “Is this rest? Or resistance? Do I truly need a break? Or am I about to embark on a breakthrough?”

Why does one resist what they desire? Why stop the flow? What is the underlying fear?

And in this space I know, because of those who pushed past it to share their insight.

Steven Pressfield gave me hope, courage and understanding in his book, The War of Art.

Gay Hendricks illuminated my self-sabotage in his book The Big Leap.

These leaders pushed through to the greater purpose, knowing it would ripple out and create the bridge to carry others past this place, if they so boldly choose it.

I choose it.

I choose the bridge.

This is why I pause with the knowing that this call to stop is not for rest. No, the flow is there. This call to stop is my resistance. My dear, sweet, teaching resistance that wants to keep me safely where I am at. 

Yet the flow… the flow knows where I am capable of going, if I’d only allow it to carry me.

The rest in the resistance to allow, is to let go to the flow. Surrender to the stream. 

Therefore, back to my passion I go… may the words still be waiting.

When you are working on a project, a passion, a desire- and feel the tempting pause, I invite you to ask yourself, “Is this truly a need for rest, to take a break? Or is this resistance? Am I about to breakthrough?”

You’ve got this. Flow on…

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