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Blog How to Handle Rejection

How to Handle Rejection



One word, two letters, that can bring our ego to its knees.

What if NO was really a New Opportunity?

If we shift “rejection” to redirection, or to reflection and reconnection, it creates a whole new meaning, energy, and opportunity.

When we pause at the no, and check in with ourselves, our vision and our values, we can find the opportunity in the no and how it can show us where to go.

Let’s say it’s a redirection. Then, when we feel into the “no” it can feel freeing. “Wow! I really didn’t want this. The opportunity is for me to make a shift.” Perhaps you offered a program to a potential client. They said no. When you pause and reflect, you realize you didn’t want to serve in that way, or for that price point. Now you have the opportunity to make the shift to what does align for you.

Now say that the program you offered is aligned with your vision and values. The “no” gives you the opportunity to reflect and reconnect, and realize that this is indeed your ideal way to serve, it merely wasn’t the right time for this client. You feel empowered to continue sharing the offering with your confirmed and embodied belief.

The “no” can show you where to go. Make a change? Or, know you’re right where you’re supposed to be.

It’s easy to only hear the no, and not the opportunity. It’s what our brains are programmed to do. We focus on the negative. It’s trying to keep us “safe.” We can receive a dozen compliments, and one critique, and you know which one is going to play on repeat. The critique.

It requires us to be mindfully committed to focusing on what we allow to play on repeat.

I invite you the next time you hear a “no,” to pause. Reflect on it and feel within. Not feeling for the ego bruise, but feeling into your vision, feeling into your offer, feeling into it all for YOU. Is it aligned?

If not, where is the opportunity for a pivot?

If yes, how can you embody it deeper? Put that record on repeat.

Follow the no to see where to go.

And always know, every no is a step closer to a yes.

Keep going.

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