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No more healing


It was hard letting go of my massage business.

Yet, after 15 years my body became tired- limiting my appointments, and that combined with a move out of town, didn’t match up with the rent that needed to be covered.

I was reluctant in closing, as it was such a piece of my heart, and a space I deeply cherished.

It was a journey after that letting go. A journey of losing myself and coming back home to me.

I didn’t think I’d be offering a healing modality again. I focused on coaching and writing (which are forms of healing- what isn’t really?).

Then the sound bowls made their way to me. (That’s a story I shared too, how it chose me. If you missed it you can find it here.)

Now, I can’t imagine not doing this type of work. It fills my soul. It flows so naturally. The clients and community we are building are sacred and beautiful.

I’ve recently been asked to help other healers so that they don’t experience burnout, by holding sound bath events to help them maintain their energy.

I am grateful I made my way back to this work. After all, my business name is "All About Healing, LLC." I guess with a name like that, you really can’t step away from it!

I can tell you this healing journey is different than the first. It’s all about listening to my soul and intuition rather than the world and outside voices.

Yes, I listen to my clients. What I am talking about here is the world of "should’s."

See, when I did massage, I followed the voices that said I needed to do deep tissue, when my soul was pointing me to energy work and more subtle forms of healing.

I finally fully stepped into my passion at the end, when I didn’t have enough energy left.

Now, in this journey, I am following my intuition from the start. My love for the sea is not an after thought of trying to bring myself into my work after I follow all the "should’s." No, it is front and center and taking the main stage.

So I ask you, what is your desire, passion, personal expression? Are you allowing it to take center stage in your work? In your life? Or are you following the rules, stories, should’s of the world?

It is a new year. Let this be the year you follow your soul. It will lead you to the most beautiful places you’ve ever known!

It’s time to create your soul-led life (and business).

Align and Shine! The world needs who YOU are.

 P.S. You can find my upcoming SEA Soundscape Events here. They are all about diving into your Soul Energy Alignment!

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