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Blog Do you struggle to make the right decision?

Do you struggle to make the right decision?


Making Decisions

Do you struggle to make a decision?

Are you wanting to make the "right" decision?

How do you make your descision?

Do you ask others, "What do you think I should do?"

Or, do you ask yourself, "What do I know to be true?"

It's not about what others "think," it's about what you know.

This was last week's UNSCRIPTED conversation. You can catch the replay here:

Or the Podcast Version here.

I used to be one who would swirl in indecision (ok, I still have my moments). I wanted to make the right decision. What if I made the wrong one?

What that led to was NO decision. Nope. I'd just stay put. The only thing moving was my mind.... 

For me it became a journey (a continuous one) of self-trust, and tuning in to my intuition. 

See, we "know" within what is right for us, in this moment. It may not look like what others are doing, or saying you should do... It may not even make sense to you!

There is a sacred knowing, a subtle voice, a gentle whisper... that resides within and guides you... it's a matter of pausing to connect, to listen, to hear... then to trust and act from your sacred knowing.

Here's a tip to connect in with that knowing:

Take a moment to feel within. State "true" statements, such as: 

My name is: _____
I love: _____
I don't like: _____
I live: _____
I'm wearing: _____
(And so on....)

As you make these true statements, notice how your body feels. Are there any sensations? 

Then, continue to feel within, and state "untrue" statements. You can use the above prompts, answering with incorrect statements this round.

As you do, once again, notice how your body feels. Be aware of the sensations.

What was the difference between the two?

For me, when I state what is true for me, there is a lightness to my being. When I make false statements, it feels heavy, and like there is a dark cloud.

As you connect more to your body's subtle sensations and awareness, it can help guide you to what is right and true for you.

Another thing I find that helps me when making a decision, is that I will visualize each option, and notice the feeling it creates.

I'm curious, is this something you do? How do you make your decisions? I'd love to hear! Please hit reply and let me know!

Do you struggle to hear your inner whispers or to notice the sensations? Would you love some support to tune in? Hit reply and let me know, or feel free to book a call here. 

When you decide, someone will tell you it is the right decision, and someone will tell you it's the wrong decision. What matters, is what you tell yourself. What you know to be true for you!

Trust your intuition. 

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