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Did you choose a word or mantra for the new year? 

While deep in thought about something, I heard this phrase within my heart, "love more." In that moment I knew that was my mantra, my focus, my sacred centering.

How could I "love more" in every moment, in every interaction, in every decision, in every creation?

It's so easy to get caught up in this world. Yet, what really matters is love. 

Our time here is brief, and when we get to reflect back upon it, I believe what matters most is love. 

How much love did you allow yourself to receive? How much love did you share?  How much love did you show yourself? How much love did you show others? How can you BE more of the love that you ARE?

This mantra spoke so deeply to me, that I felt called to create a shirt with it on at some point.

Then, one day I stopped in our local thrift store to visit with the amazing ladies there. As we were talking, one was organizing the shirts on the rack, and out of the blue she said, "Love More. Worry Less."

I stopped in my tracks. "Is that on a shirt?!"

Needless to say, I now have my shirt!

There is so much I could say about this mantra, about this experience, about so many things. 

However, in the spirit of keeping this message short, and in empowering YOU, I'll let this be a space of reflecting... what does it mean to you?

I hope this little note brought you some love today, and some inspiration to love more... in all ways.

Oceans of love and blessings,

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