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Let it be easy


Why do we like to complicate things?

Often we make things seem to be unreachable, difficult, or to require far more effort than they really do.

Take writing a book for example. Most times the thought of this makes people feel it will take years and that it requires it to be a big, thick, best-selling novel.

I used to think my dream of becoming an author was far off. Therefore, I put it off. I set it on the back burner of dreams for “someday” when I had more time, more focus, was ready.

Then I came across a course that was about creating something smaller, bite-sized, fun, do-able! The course pushed me to create in a very short time (45 days! And that included writing, editing, designing and publishing!!!).

My first book, I Just Want To Be Me, was *not* the book idea I started with. It was Divinely guided to be the one towards the end of the course.

Just like that book, this new book, Claim Your Stage, was once again “Divinely guided.” I thought my second book was going to be something completely different.

Then, in wanting to create more value for my readers, an email series emerged from my heart.

Shortly thereafter, when I was about to dive in to creating my second book, I heard that I was to take that series and expand it…. that *that* was to be the next book!

Let. It. Be. Easy.

If your dream is a BIG novel, or you think it needs to be, open your heart to a smaller book, perhaps one you’ve already written and didn’t even realize it! (You may even find this is your zone of joy and genius!!)

Take a moment and feel into what that big dream is for you. In what ways have you already created it, or lived it on a smaller scale? Or how can you?

So many times we make our dreams seem unreachable, completely unaware that we are already holding them in our hands.

Actualize your dreams now. They’re already here.

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