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Blog It's totally possible that...

It's totally possible that...


Do you ever get stuck in a rut of frustration and over-thinking?

Going over all the things you don’t like, how hard things are, what’s not working?

I was doing exactly this not too long ago.

A new exciting opportunity, required downloading and learning new software.

The excitement of the opportunity dwindled to grumbling when the tech-frustration settled in.

I wanted to throw in the towel! It wasn’t working. Nothing was going as planned. It was consuming my entire day.

I was feeling defeated.

I was rambling allllll of the reasons it wouldn’t work, I shouldn’t even do it, blah blah blah…

Then my inner voice started shifting the energy on me with a sentence a mentor once taught me.

"It’s totally possible that…."

My towel flinging shifted to the possibilities singing…

It’s totally possible that I can do this! It’s totally possible that this will be easy. It’s totally possible that …..

My bad attitude lifted and my energy lightened.

I moved through my stuck place. And, I got it to work!

Our mindset is quite powerful. What we focus on expands. When I was consumed with all the negativity, I spiraled deeper and deeper into it- so much so that this "opportunity" began to feel like a burden.

When I shifted my mindset to possibility, it opened the energy to expansion. The opportunity once again felt like an opportunity, and the frustration fizzled.

So, when you find your towel in your hand, before you fling it into another land, I invite you to give this a try…

"It’s totally possible that…"

It’s totally possible that you get a raise. It’s totally possible that they say yes. It’s totally possible that…

The sky is the limit! Go wild! (on possibilities, not towels)

Align and Shine! The world needs who YOU are!

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