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Blog Is it feeding you or depleting you

Is it feeding you or depleting you


That small voice within. The one that holds wisdom, answers and direction. The subtle whisper of your soul, guiding you to sacred alignment.

That wise voice prompted a question I'd love to share with you. One that takes you from an unconscious pattern, to intentional living. One you can use often to stay in that place of your SEA- soul energy alignment.

Here's how the question came to me:

I had logged in and responded to messages.

Then found myself in the mindless scroll…

As my energy began to lag, a voice within asked:

“Is it feeding you, or depleting you?”

No more needed to be said.

I put the phone down, and reached for my book.

The question follows me, in all activities, to keep me mindful and present.

How many times do you find yourself doing something out of habit, or unconsciously?

Perhaps in your work, eating, time on devices…

With so many distractions, and so much information coming at us at rapid speeds, it can be easy to become consumed in actions that deplete our time and energy.

When we pause and become aware and mindful of what we are actually doing, and how we are feeling, we can make the appropriate adjustments.

Our time is short. Allow yourself to be fed in presence and purpose, rather than depleted in mindlessness, distraction and disconnection.

This question can invite you to go deep within yourself–to discover what actually feeds your soul.

Let this be your invite to pause and ask, “Is it feeding you, or depleting you?”

Bon appetit!

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