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Blog Information vs Integration

Information vs Integration


Do you love learning?

Me too!

It's one of my favorite things! I love to read. I love to take courses. I love to learn!

Yet, what I've found to be extremely important, is to stay aware of when I am merely consuming information rather than pausing to fully integrate what I've come to learn.

I shared this on last week's UNSCRIPTED.
You're welcome to watch the replay here.

Or listen to the podcast here.

Knowledge is a beautiful thing! Yet, it is wisdom that creates transformation.

It's not merely what you "know," it's what you choose to do with it.

Will it be a moment of knowing, or a lifetime of growing?

As you continue to learn (life IS a learning journey!), I invite you to pause and fully ingest what you've consumed. For just as the body needs to digest the food in order to access the nutrients to support the cells, we too need to assimilate and incorporate what we've learned to receive the wisdom and transformation it provides.

To implementing and integrating!

P.S. My books are written with this in mind. They are created based on YOU having an experience. That's why they are part book and part journal–I invite you to participate in order to integrate the information I share. You can see my current books available here.

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