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Blog How much good can you handle

How much good can you handle


How much good can you handle?

Seems like a silly question, right?

However, you may be surprised by your answer.

That's what today's UNSCRIPTED was all about! If you missed it live, you can catch the replay here:

Or listen to the Podcast Version here.

"How much good can you handle?"

This question was posed to me by my coach after sharing how my "happy bubble" would seem to get burst out of nowhere whenever good things would happen.

It confused me, as I am not one who asks, "When is the other shoe going to drop?" 

I am one who relishes in the good... I feel the intensity of the amazingness and am lit up.

Therefore, when something would suddenly shift that energy unexpectedly, I became confused.

Until, I became conscious. Yes. That was the other question my coach lovingly invited me to reflect upon. "Where are you living unconsciously?"

See, we may feel we are conscious, because we are participating in life... yet much of that "participation" can be unconscious.

Do your days feel the same? Are you seeking a different outcome, but keep finding yourself in the same place with the same results?

As I shifted my awareness to becoming fully conscious in every moment, suddenly "good" starting flowing in again, unsolicited.

Opportunities showed up like an unexpected guest at the door. 

It was amazing... and...

I felt the resistance.

In my conscious awareness I noticed how I was creating the rain on my parade. How I pulled back, ever so slightly, when the opportunity to receive showed up.

This pattern was so sly and unconscious before. In my happy euphoria, I didn't realize the little twinge of resistance that would soon create the pattern once again...

Now that I knew, I was able to get curious and breathe through the resistance and to consciously choose a new way.

I invite you to watch the replay if you haven't yet, I give a boat and island example that illustrates it well.

Either way, I invite you to pause and reflect.

Feel within and connect.

Get curious and ask, where may you be living unconsciously, and how much good can you handle?

To your conscious living, and allowance of receiving goodness!

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