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Blog How committed are you?

How committed are you?


Got goals? Desires? Dreams?

How committed are you to consistently showing up to create them? To taking action on them?

Do you let "all the reasons not to" to stop you? No time? No money? No energy? Too busy?

This week's UNSCRIPTED conversation was all about this!

Catch the replay here:

Or the Podcast Version here.

Once again, dog training provided me a valuable lesson and reflection.

See, it came the day to test out of our first level. While we passed, thankful to our smart puppy, I realized how much potential I was leaving unexpressed with her.

Our biggest practice day was the day of the exam. Sit. Stay. Down. Come. Wait.

While she knew these well, I realized how much better she would listen, especially to "come" when there was a distraction, had I made it a consistent practice. Had I committed more fully to the training process, rather than simply showing up to class.

This got me thinking of other areas in life, and how often we may be missing out on the level of commitment we can apply. How by simply taking baby steps... consistent baby steps... can lead to so much potential.

I invite you to reflect upon where you may just be getting by, showing up just enough, or giving in to all the excuses on your goals, desires, dreams.

And then I invite you to take a moment and ask yourself, how committed are you? How much do you want it?

If you really want it, then ask, how can you take consistent baby steps towards it?

To your dreams! One step at a time. Keep showing up!

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