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Honor Your Rhythm


You are a part of nature...

The moon has phases.

The earth has seasons.

You are a part of nature.

Honor your rhythm.

The above was this week's "meditation moment with nature."

I dive into it a bit more on this episode of Unscripted.

You can watch the replay here:

Or listen to the podcast here.

So often we put pressure on ourselves that we should be in a different "season" than we are, or get frustrated that we are still in a certain "phase" we no longer want to be in.

Perhaps we are comparing ourselves to others. Perhaps we are basing it on what we believe should be.

Nature is patient. Nature is in divine timing. All unfolds perfectly.

Some things bloom earlier, and some later, yet it all is a part of the harmony of life.

YOU are a part of the harmony of life.

Honor your rhythm. It is your very own. No comparison. Your journey is unique and beautiful. Embrace the phase, the season, the moment you are in.

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