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Blog From Knowing to No-ing

From Knowing to No-ing


My sound bath theme this month is Oceans of Love.

The first sound bath this Saturday is focused on Self-Love.

I thought it would be beautiful to share some “self-love” love letters this month too.

You see, many times we may think of self-love as something like a spa day.

While yes, a massage and a facial, heck even a sound bath from me, is a form of nurturing care indeed, there are also many other forms of self-love that we may overlook.

For one, did you know that saying “no” is a beautiful form of self-love?

That’s right, having healthy boundaries is a sacred way to honor yourself.

Many times hearing the word boundaries can conjure up images of “lines in the sand” or “barbed-wire fences.” Stay off my turf! My walls are going up!

Yesterday a friend of mine shared a quote where a new image was painted, which I found beautiful, and more truthful to what a boundary actually is.

Your boundary need not be an angry electric fence that shocks those who touch it… It can be a consistent light around you that announces:
"I will be treated sacredly." ~Jaiya John

I invite you to take a pause this week and reflect upon what comes up for you with the word “boundaries.”
How does this new image of a light and sacredness feel to you?
How is saying “no” for you? Easy to do? Or do you find yourself saying yes more often than you’d like?

Feel free to journal on these questions with curiosity and no judgment (that’s a beautiful practice of self-love!).

I also invite you to notice any times you say yes when you don’t want to, and times when you do say no. How does it feel? Again, looking at these with curiosity and non-judgment. Gentleness with yourself as you explore is a sacred form of self-love.

By pausing and feeling into these things, you get to notice your energy and what your body is feeling. Often times we are busy and living up in our heads, doing the day-to-day, and miss or overlook those subtle messages our body and soul are whispering.

Your soul knows when it wants to no. ;)

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed day, and oceans of self-love!!

Align and Shine! The world needs who YOU are.

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