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Blog Focus on the FUN not the Freakout

Focus on the FUN not the Freakout


I was freaking out...

Three big opportunities all landed in one week.

Some with very short notice.

An acting job. Lines needed to be memorized. Hair and makeup ready. Wardrobe pressed (not to mention found and purchased first!).

A speaking event. A red dress that I didn't have... so a hopeful online purchase to come just in time. What was I going to say? How was I going to get a handout created in time?

A teaching opportunity. I created the slides, then found out I couldn't share them with the technology used. Would I keep my flow? Was I sharing too much? Too little?


I shared this story and insight on today's UNSCRIPTED.
You're welcome to watch the replay here.

Or listen to the podcast here.

Two of these events were taking place out of town, requiring precise timing with a long drive (not to mention in the evenings with rain, two things these older eyes are not fond of).

My mind ran rampant. My heart raced. I seriously thought I may be having a heart attack (timely with one event being for The American Heart Association!).

Then I heard within....Focus on the FUN not the Freakout.
See, our minds can have us swirl in chaos, that isn't even real! Yet our bodies start to believe that it is.

When I took this wise inner advice, and felt within to the FUN of it all... I sighed. My energy lightened. The joy returned.

"I get to do this! I get to share! I get to touch hearts! I get to connect! I get to express!"

All these things I LOVE!

I realized it wasn't about me... and I returned to the flow of life.

I'm happy to report: All went well! Extremely well! 

How about you? Have you ever freaked out? Had something so big that you put pressure on yourself? We're human! It happens. We want things to go smooth... We don't want to fall on our face (funny story- I almost did! Yep, my heeled boots had me a little off balance at one point!).

Focus on the FUN not the freak out. You've got this!!

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