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Blog Do this before you make plans

Do this before you make plans


The most important part of planning...

It's not the income goal.

It's not the calendar commitments to showing up.

It's not the mindset shift.

It's not the promises.

It's not the resolutions.

It's not even the goal or the vision...

Yes, these things are important for sure... and there is one thing that is more important, and often a step not talked about or thought about.

That step? Presence.

While it's great to plan for the future, it's vital to be here, today. In this moment. To be present as you plan. To be present as you take action. To be present on the journey. Every step of the way.

Goals are great! It's wonderful to have that target to shoot for. It gives us direction. It gives us clear action steps to take.

And the target, while great to have in your sight, is not the only thing to focus on. For it's not about a destination, life is truly about the journey.

Decide where you want to go, then BE in each step you take.

Why is this so important? Because this moment is where life is happening. And visions and goals don't always come to look like we planned. If our sole focus is on the future desire, we miss the magic in the moment.

My Christmas was a classic example, and beautiful reminder of this. I shared a bit about it today on UNSCRIPTED. You can catch the replay here:

Or the Podcast Version here.

So, while you plan for 2022, be in this moment as you do... here in 2021. We tend to rush so much in life, like department stores playing Christmas music in October. 

If 2021 reminded me of anything, it's that the future is not guaranteed. However, right now is, if I'm breathing in this moment. While I can plan for all the beautiful things I want to create and experience, the true beauty is in the here and now.

I invite you to pause as you plan, and be fully present. A New Year is exciting! And so is today.

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