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Blog 440 or 432?

440 or 432?


440 or 432?

You may have heard of this debate with sound healing.

Are the instruments tuned based on 440 hertz or 432 hertz?

These are the two *main* tunings you hear of.

There is a lot out there about this if you search, I’ll just give you my brief synopsis–in a very tiny coconut shell.

440 is what you mainly hear on the radio.

Many moons ago there wasn’t a set standard, so instruments were tuned in different ways.

Then a standard was set, so that it would make playing together easier.

That standard was set as 440. (This is what the “A” note is tuned to, and then the other notes aligned based on that setting.)

There is talk that that standard had more meaning behind it, such as to create a form of mind control.

It is said that 432 is more in tune with nature and those ratios.

Now both sides will tell you that the other side is hogwash and their side is true.

That’s the thing with life. Everything is hogwash. And everything is true.

What is your perception? Your belief? What FEELS right for you?

That’s what my coaching is based off of. Helping you TUNE IN to YOUR inner truth and knowing, not what you’ve been told.

Therefore, when it came time for me to decide, and my head was swirling in all of this information… I went within to FEEL.

I found videos on YouTube where people played the instruments in BOTH tunings. They didn’t tell you which was which at first so that you could listen for yourself and notice what you liked.

I found this fascinating! And refreshing!

For me, personally, I found when I heard instruments in 440, I got a bit of an anxious feeling inside, even though the sound was pretty, there was an unsettled feeling *for me.*

When I heard them in 432, I felt a sense of deep calm within– a pure peace.

They played the same melodies in each tuning–so it wasn’t a matter of which song I liked. It was how the frequencies felt *for me.*

I had no knowing which was which when I listened, so my mind couldn’t create some pre-conceived notion based on the findings.

It was purely the way the frequency, the sound, the energy resonated *for me.*

I keep highlighting *for me* because I want you to see there is no right way. I am not saying 432 is better. I’m saying it is what felt good for me.

What feels good for you? I’m not talking just sound bath frequency and instrument tuning. I’m talking about your alignment in all areas of life.

Are you listening within and making choices on that alignment–your inner truth, or are you listening to all the opinions and stories and hogwash outside of you?

You know what is right *for you.*

If you need help connecting with and hearing your inner truth and knowing, to find your answers and alignment– I’d love to help you. This is what my work is about. Empowering you to live aligned with your soul!

Your body knows.

P.S. Did you know that there are popular songs by famous musicians that aren't tuned to the standard "440" but rather 432, or even 444 or 528? That's right! The point I'm making? Tune to YOUR frequency in life, not the status quo. That is what my mission is, to help you find YOU in all the layers the world tells you to be and do. 

P.S.S. Would you love some help finding your personal alignment? Let's have a conversation. 

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