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Ready to align and shine as the star that you are?

Check out these great FREE resources! From Divinely aligning your day, to cultivating confidence on and off camera, these free tools and tips are a great start to get you showing up and shining!

Be You. Be Seen. Make Your Impact!


Little Books. Big Impacts.

I love writing in a light, flowing format— distilling the message into an easy to digest book, so that you can effortlessly complete it and implement the transformative and insightful tips inside.

My signature style blends book and journal, creating an interactive experience with the reader.

Swim below to see the current selection of books.


Empowered YOU.

I  LOVE to empower you to shine as the star that you are. 

My coaching style and programs honor your unique light and inner wisdom, and inspire you to create a life and business aligned with your soul.

If you're ready to get connected, clear and confident... dive in to learn more about the current opportunities available.


Center Within.

Meditation is a great way to connect with YOU.

It's your personal MEditation TIME!

Are you seeking deeper connection, clarity, confidence or courage? Perhaps to simply slow and calm? Find the peace and answers you seek... within.

Discover the current meditation offerings and recordings available.

(More recordings to be added soon!)

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I LOVE to share what I can to inspire you!

If you've received great value from any of my free offerings and would like to make a gratitude offering, you are welcome to buy me a coffee or leave me a tip.

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I am deeply grateful for your love and support! 

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