Find Your SEA: Soul Energy Alignment

Meditation and Mentoring to help you tune in to your soul so that you can create a life of deeper meaning, purpose and joy.

Divinely Align Your Day

Discover my short and simple daily routine to start (and end) your day to create more ease and joy in your life.

Meet Love, Bobbie Jo

Love, Bobbie Jo is a Certified BodyMind Method® Coach, Author, Sound Bath Facilitator, Meditation Guide and Transformational Speaker. 

She believes that the world needs who YOU are. After decades of losing herself in all life’s should’s and expectations, Bobbie Jo tossed the societal script and reconnected to her personal truth –– transforming her life.

Now, she guides others to connect with their inner wisdom, to align with their soul, and to shine and be all of who they came here to be.

Clients working with Bobbie Jo discover:

  • a deeper sense of connection
  • clarity of purpose
  • confidence in self-expression
  • courage to create the life and business they truly desire

How I Love to Support You in Finding Your SEA

Customized Coaching Support

"{Bobbie Jo} has the ability to see and understand where you are at now, but more importantly, see and uplift the parts of you that you might not have access to in a period of frustration or insecurity." Dawn Denzin/BodyMind Coach

Meditation & Mindfulness Events

"The level of calm that I have felt since the last one {SEA Soundscape Experience} has been amazing. And my throat has not been swollen since. It’s amazing! I fully believe in the concept of sound / frequency for healing." Julie Beaudoin

Books & Transformational Resources

"Rather than building a 'book character,' {Love, Bobbie Jo's} books invite you to think and develop your character." S.E.

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